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Food Bioactive Compounds in Cardiovascular Diseases (FBCCD) is a peer-reviewed, open access scientific journal that focuses on the effects of functional food on cardiovascular diseases. This journal, published by the Food Science Publisher, focuses on how we can use our understanding in food and functional food science to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is a valuable resource to individuals looking for new and developing information on the role of foods in cardiovascular diseases. This research can be beneficial to doctors, medical professionals, students, and the general population since cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death in the world. Food Science and Cardiovascular Diseases is a relevant and interesting field that requires a specialized location where information regarding the topic can be found.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 659,000 people die from cardiovascular diseases each year in the United States. As the number one leading cause of death in the world, it is important to understand the role that functional foods play in potentially decreasing the risk of getting cardiovascular disease. Bioactive compounds are the foundation of functional foods and signal molecular mechanisms to produce benefits. For example, plant-based foods, like nuts, fruits, grains, and natural vegetable oils, contain many bioactive compounds which might be able to manage symptoms of cardiovascular disorders. These bioactive compounds have been known to contain antioxidant effects and could potentially decrease levels of LDL cholesterol, protecting the heart from any cardiovascular diseases.

In this journal, our goal is to provide information on the ways that functional foods can help decrease the issue of cardiovascular diseases. This can help our understanding of how to decrease one’s risk and how knowledge of bioactive compounds can potentially alleviate the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases.

We are accepting article submissions for our upcoming article release. Please refer to our guidelines for article submissions found here.

Possible article topics include:

  • Causes of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Functional foods that are related to cardiovascular diseases.

  • Different types of functional foods that can decrease one’s risk of getting cardiovascular disease.

  • The role of bioactive compounds in cardiovascular disease.

You can submit your manuscripts here or directly to the Editorial Office at [email protected] as an e-mail attachment. Please also submit a Cover Letter. You can find a FBCCD Cover Letter here.

Article Publication Costs - Waivers and Discounts

Food Science Publisher offers article publication cost waivers to papers whose corresponding authors are based in countries classified low-income economies. The current list is comprised of countries with lower-middle-income economies and with a 2021 gross domestic product of less than 200 billion US dollars (as of reference - World Bank 1st July 2022). The list can be found via the following link:  [Click Here]

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