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Vol 1, No 11 (2021): November 2021 Aging in HIV: Can natural compounds beneficially affect its higher progression? Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Reza Rastmanesh, Maki Osato, Surajit Pathak, Antara Banerjee, Saida Rasulova, Francesco Marotta
Vol 1, No 12 (2021): December 2021 Analysis of contemporary epidemiological study research design formats on addressing functional food efficacy Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Pooja Agarwal, Emma Rutter, Danik M Martirosyan
Vol 2, No 1 (2022): January 2022 Blueberries and health Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Nurhan Turgut Dunford
Vol 1, No 8 (2021): August 2021 Effect of brewing method on quality parameters and antioxidant capacity of black tea Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Zeynep B. Guzel-Seydim, Atif Can Seydim, Annel K. Greene
Vol 1, No 9 (2021): September 2021 Evaluation of in vitro antioxidant and antidiabetic potential of extracts from Phaseolus vulgaris L. seeds (Black turtle beans) Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Balkisu Oyeronke Abdulrahman, Muntari Bala, Bello Oluwasesan M.
Vol 2, No 1 (2022): January 2022 Food (in)security and (un)healthy diet on the (difficult) road to zero hunger: Celebrating the World Food Day Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Marcello Iriti, Sara Vitalini, Elena Maria Varoni
Vol 1, No 11 (2021): November 2021 Phytochemical diversity behind health-promoting effects of traditional Mediterranean foods Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Marcello Iriti, Elena Maria Varoni, Sara Vitalini
Vol 1, No 8 (2021): August 2021 Pycnogenol - extract from French maritime pine bark (Pinus pinaster), as an effective antioxidant against superoxide radical Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Beata Cizmarova, Anna Birkova, Beata Hubkova, Beata Bolerazska
Vol 1, No 10 (2021): October 2021 The effect of amaranth oil on proteinuria in lupus prone mice Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Danik Martirosyan, Jack Hutcheson, Deena Sajitharan, Samantha Williams, Chandra Mohan
Vol 1, No 12 (2021): December 2021 The effect of rose hip on experimental anti-GBM glomerulonephritis in systemic lupus erythematosus murine models Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Danik Martirosyan, So-Youn Min, Chun Xie, Mei Yan, Anna Bashmakov, Samantha Williams, Chandra Mohan
Vol 1, No 10 (2021): October 2021 Vitamin D fortification: A perspective to improve immunity for COVID-19 infection Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Sheetal Handu, Shumaila Jan, Komal Chauhan, D.C. Saxena
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