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Bioactive Molecules and Pharmaceuticals (BMP) is a peer-reviewed, open access scientific journal. This journal focuses on bioactive molecules in the field of pharmaceuticals and various related sciences. This journal is an exemplary resource for students, professors, medical professionals, doctors, and the general public alike, as well as anyone looking for information on new developments in bioactive molecules and nutraceuticals for the promotion of optimal health.

Bioactive molecules and pharmaceutical ingredients share a host of similarities and can be used in tandem. Pharmaceutical drugs contain Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients that have widely accepted health benefits, such as treatments of illnesses, diseases, or symptoms of other ailments, when used in safe and effective doses. These active ingredients are compounds or formulations that give the drugs that contain them their intended therapeutic effect. Bioactive molecules contained in functional foods are similar in the sense that they also provide health benefits when used in safe, effective dosages. These health benefits can include but are not limited to: treatment of vitamin/mineral deficiencies, illness and ailment therapy, and symptom management. 

In this journal, we will be investigating bioactive molecules in the scope of pharmaceutical sciences, in order to develop crucial research to better understand how they can be used in medicine to promote optimal health in the population. 

We are accepting article submissions for our upcoming article release. Please refer to our guidelines for article submissions here.

Possible article topics include:

  • Pharmaceutical drugs or ingredients that can be used in the treatment of disease, illnesses, or symptoms. 

  • Bioactive compounds and molecules that can promote ideal health

  • Current research and development of bioactive molecules and/or pharmaceuticals

You can submit your manuscripts here or directly to the Editorial Office at [email protected] as an e-mail attachment. Please also submit a Cover Letter. You can find a BMP Cover Letter here.

Article Publication Costs - Waivers and Discounts
Food Science Publisher offers article publication cost waivers to papers whose corresponding authors are based in countries classified low-income economies.  The list can be found via the following link:  [Click Here]

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Vol. 2 No. 7 (2023): July 2023
Published: 2023-07-12


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