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Food and Functional Food Science in Obesity (FFFSO) is a peer-reviewed, open access scientific journal that focuses on the applications of food science in obesity. This journal, published by the Food Science Publisher, addresses one of the major health issues in the world by using the studies and principles of food and functional food science. It is a valuable resource to individuals looking for ways to reduce the risk of obesity and ways to advance current findings. This research can be beneficial to doctors, researchers, medical professionals, students, and the general population that are seeking information in this field. Food Science and Obesity is a relevant and interesting field that requires a specialized location where information regarding the topic can be found.

Obesity is becoming a growing health problem in the world, especially in the United States. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in recent years, more than 1 billion people are obese globally. This number is expected to add an additional 167 million people who will be more likely to be obese by the year 2025. As such, food and functional food science becomes a crucial component in decreasing the number of obese cases because functional foods have the potential to reduce the risk of obesity. Functional foods contain bioactive compounds which undergo molecular pathways to produce positive effects. For example, several spices, such as rosemary, cinnamon, garlic, pepper, etc., have been known to exhibit anti-obesity effects. This is because their bioactive compounds can promote apoptosis and/or reduce lipid accumulation.

In this journal, we hope to provide a space for information regarding obesity and food science. This can help our understanding of obesity and the ways that the molecular mechanisms in functional foods can help.

We are accepting article submissions for our upcoming article release. Please refer to our guidelines for article submissions found here.

Possible article topics include:

  • Epidemiological studies of obesity cases.

  • Research of bioactive compounds that have been known to treat obesity.

  • Current research on the methods in treating obesity, like surgery, medication, diet plans, etc.

  • Molecular pathways of the bioactive compounds in functional food products.

You can submit your manuscripts here or directly to the Editorial Office at [email protected] as an e-mail attachment. Please also submit a Cover Letter. You can find a FFFSO Cover Letter here.

Article Publication Costs - Waivers and Discounts

Food Science Publisher offers article publication cost waivers to papers whose corresponding authors are based in countries classified low-income economies. The current list is comprised of countries with lower-middle-income economies and with a 2021 gross domestic product of less than 200 billion US dollars (as of reference - World Bank 1st July 2022). The list can be found via the following link:  [Click Here]

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Vol. 1 No. 7 (2023): July 2023
Published: 2023-07-11

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