Functional Food Ingredients and Mental Health

Functional Food Ingredients and Mental Health (FFIMH) is a peer-reviewed, open access scientific journal that focuses on the impact that functional food has on mental health. This journal, published by the Food Science Publisher, shows the ways that the bioactive compounds and functional food products can influence one’s mental health. It is a valuable resource to individuals looking for new and developing information on mental health and food. This research can be beneficial to doctors, medical professionals, students, and the general population that are seeking information in this field. Functional Food and Mental Health is a relevant and interesting field that requires a specialized location where information regarding the topic can be found.

Mental health is becoming a topic where more awareness is being emphasized on. For example, more studies have been conducted to address possible causes of mental health problems and the month of May is dedicated to spreading awareness of mental health. Over the years, there has been evidence which shows that bioactive compounds in functional food products can improve one’s mental health, possibly alleviating some of the symptoms that come along with these mental health issues. 

In this journal, we hope to provide a space for information regarding food and mental health. This can help advance our understanding on mental health to spread more awareness.

We are accepting article submissions for our upcoming article release. Please refer to our guidelines for article submissions found here.

Possible article topics include:

  • Functional food ingredients and different mental health related disorders
  • Mental health issues and their causes.

  • Current treatments to help individuals suffering from mental health problems.

  • Functional foods that have shown to help alleviate the symptoms from mental health problems.

You can submit your manuscripts here or directly to the Editorial Office at as an e-mail attachment. Please also submit a Cover Letter. You can find a FMH Cover Letter here.