Vol 8, No 2 (2018)

February 2018

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Late introduction of low dose resveratrol and grape powder after estradiol depletion does not restore glucose tolerance in the ovariectomized rat. [Abstract] [Full Article]
Eoin Anderson, Dan Cervone, David James Dyck 79-90
Experimental Comparative Study of potential anxiolytic effect of Vitamin C and Buspirone in rats [Abstract] [Full Article]
Ghada Farouk Soliman, Aida Abdalla Khattab, Mariam Refaat Habil 91-106
Daily consumption of fermented soymilk helps to improve facial wrinkles in healthy postmenopausal women in a randomized, parallel-group, open-label trial [Abstract] [Full Article]
Mitsuyoshi Kano, Kazuyoshi Haga, Kouji Miyazaki, Fumiyasu Ishikawa 107-121
Beneficial effects of a Fermented Papaya Preparation for the treatment of electrohypersensitivity self-reporting patients: results of a phase I-II clinical trial with special reference to cerebral pulsation measurement and oxidative stress analysis [Abstract] [Full Article]
Philippe Irigaray, Garrel Catherine, Houssay Carine, Mantello Pierre, Belpomme Dominique 122-144