Bioactive Compounds in Health and Disease

The Bioactive Compounds in Health and Disease (BCHD) is a peer-reviewed, open-access international journal.

The Food Science Publisher or FFC is excited to announce the launch of our new online journal "Bioactive Compounds in Health and Disease.” Bioactive Compounds in Health and Disease or the BCHD is a peer-reviewed, open access journal. This journal will focus on bioactive compounds related to health and disease including topics from various fields of science. The journal is an excellent resource for the following: PhD students, professors, public health professionals, medical doctors, dieticians, nutritionists, and the general public for information regarding the latest advancements for the prevention, treatment, and management of chronic diseases or its symptoms using bioactive compounds.  

When we investigate bioactive compounds from the perspective of functional foods, these compounds are defined as the following: "food bioactive compounds are primary and secondary metabolites of nutritive and non-nutritive natural components generating health benefits by preventing or managing chronic disease or its symptoms." The main goal of this journal is to develop research in order to better understand bioactive compounds and the management and symptoms of disease.

We are accepting article submissions for our upcoming article release. Please refer to our guidelines for article submissions:

Possible article topics include:

  • Bioactive compounds in health and disease (i.e. Prebiotic compounds, Sterols, Minerals, Vitamins, Anthocyanins, Anthocyanidins, Caffeic acid, Dietary Fiber, Flavonoids, Flavonols, Flavones, Isoflavones, Lipids, Omega-2 fatty acids, Organosulfur, Phenolic acid, Polyphenol, Phytochemicals, Phytoestrogen and more).
  • The effects of bioactive compounds on biomarkers of chronic diseases 
  • Prevention, treatment and management of symptoms of chronic disease with bioactive compounds
  • Current research and development of bioactive compounds

You can submit your manuscripts at: or directly to the Editorial Office at as an e-mail attachment. 

Vol 3, No 8 (2020): August 2020

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Ultrafine Bubble Water Usefulness in Fecal Microbiota Transplantation: Recognition of Transplanted Microbiota in Intestinal Epithelial Cells [Abstract] [Full Article]
Shin Shimizu, Katsuaki Dan, Chihiro Tanaka, Mikiko Tanaka, Yoshimu Tanaka, Masahiko Shirotani, Kunihiro Kitamura, Kensho Yorozu, Masayuki Oehorumu, Goro Tsukamoto 141-153

Review Articles

The effects of vitamin D on respiratory illnesses: a prospective natural treatment for COVID-19 [Abstract] [Full Article]
Danik Martirosyan, Charlotte Giordano 124-140