Exploring the potential of bioactive compounds in preventing cancer growth and progression: A comprehensive review


  • Mohammad Foroughi-Gilvaee
  • Danik Martirosyan
  • Mohammad Mashayekhnia
  • Mohammad Maadi
  • Mohammad Sarvendani
  • Maryam Maghsoumi




Cancer stands as a prominent global cause of mortality, with a noteworthy surge in related deaths in recent years. Over the past decade, several bioactive compounds have emerged as potent agents in impeding the relentless advance of cancer. Notably, numerous studies highlight the efficacy of natural plant-derived bioactive compounds in augmenting chemotherapy outcomes and mitigating adverse drug effects associated with chemotherapeutic agents. This comprehensive review investigates the anticancer effects of three types of bioactive compounds: polyphenols, alkaloids, and terpenoids. It elucidates their mechanisms of action and consolidates evidence from preclinical studies. Furthermore, this review delves into the molecular mechanisms through which these active compounds may manifest their anticancer properties, drawing insights from cell and animal-based studies.

Keywords:  Bioactive compounds, cancer prevention, polyphenols, alkaloids, terpenoids





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