Effect of preoperative feeding with germinated brown rice supplement on clinical outcome of orthopaedic and gastrointestinal surgery patients

Pooja Thacker, Subhadra Mandalika, Rahul Shah, Nilesh Doctor


Background: Malnutrition prior to surgery can lead to inflammation, increased length of hospital stay, bed sores, muscle weakness, poor quality of life and mortality post-surgery in patients. Therefore, preoperative drinks that have been enriched with vitamins, easily digestible carbohydrates and amino acids have been necessitated by ESPEN. Health benefits of brown rice, which is a good source of phytonutrients like GABA, Ferulic acid Oryzanol and B- complex, BCAA and maltodextrin, have been well researched.

Methods: In the present study, a nutritious product was developed using germinated brown rice, salt and micronutrient mix (GBR Mix), analysed quantitatively (Proximate composition) and qualitatively (Phytochemicals). Major orthopaedic and gastrointestinal surgical patients in the age group of 40-65 years (n=124) were supplemented with GBR Mix in bouts of 3 meals (20gms x 3meals) namely lunch, mid-evening and bedtime time snack, 8 hrs prior to surgery unlike other patients who fasted for 12-16 hours prior to surgery. They were assessed for nutritional status, Serum Albumin, inflammatory markers (CRP and WBC), post-surgery complications and length of hospital stay.

Results: Supplementation was found to improve blood sugar (p<0.05) in gastroenterology patients, reduce inflammatory markers like CRP(p=0.053) and WBC (p<0.001), reduced nausea and vomiting, improved food and fluid intake post-surgery in the patients. Additionally, length of hospital stay was also reduced (p=0.001).

Conclusion: Thus, germinated brown rice could be recommended as an economical nutritious and anti-inflammatory pre surgery feed.

Keywords: GBR, LOS, MUST, SGA, CRP, Micronutrient Mix


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DOI: 10.31989/bchd.v4i7.799


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