Fortification of immune and homeostatic surveillance in cancer-like and cancer conditions the natural way

Simon Vassiliadis


Background: Endometriosis, a non-lethal cancer-like inflammatory condition, and cancer share common features, with the major being the inability of the organism to confront the cause of disease initiation due to an incompetent immune and homeostatic surveillance, respectively.  In addition, and to a degree, both diseases can be detected by identical diagnostic tools and treatment can be successfully achieved by a number of common substances found in nature that can fortify the organism’s defense mechanisms to combat disease. Thus, this commentary focuses on and discusses the remedial action pine bark extracts (Pycnogenol®), almond skins, Agaricus Blazei murrill, oleuropein and oleocanthal may have on a destabilized organism that fails to combat illness by its own. Such a similarity in diagnosis and treatment may become as an alternative approach to create models of investigation for both diseases.

Key Words: Surveillance, homeostasis, endometriosis, cancer, natural products

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DOI: 10.31989/ffhd.v5i10.190


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