The effects of bioactive compounds on biomarkers of obesity


  • Rebecca Coats
  • Danik Martirosyan




Background: The world is presently facing a prolonged struggle without a predictable cure. Obesity causes hundreds of thousands of fatalities each year, along with holding a position as a primary contributor to several other virulent chronic diseases. This review of scientific literature will examine the current state of obesity along with the mechanisms and biomarkers that lay the foundation for the development of the disease. Furthermore, this article will assess several functional foods and the bioactive compounds they contain that play an influential role in the prevention and treatment of obesity as a chronic disease. By presenting many relevant functional food research studies, this review aims to offer auxiliary support to traditional obesity treatments. The topic of functional foods and their relation to obesity is an extremely important topic to explore due to the severe expansion of obesity in the past few decades. Overall, the purpose of this review is to supply a comprehensive description of obesity and examine results of functional foods in clinical trials that may offer innovative benefits.

Keywords: obesity, bioactive compounds, disease, health, functional foods, clinical trials





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