Biotic nutritional components in baby formula: possible solution for infantile colic management

Yuliya Berezovskaya, Ksenia Varakina-Mitrail, Viktoriya Nechaeva, Irina Kholodova


The etiology and pathogenesis of infantile colic are still unclear but are most likely determined by a range of behavioral and biological components. The diet contribution to the origin of infantile colic also remains controversial. The review considers the role of biotic nutritional components in the colic prevention and treatment, the role of the intestinal microbiome, as well as diagnostic methods based on objective parameters. The impact of prebiotics in the infant diet on the intestinal microbiome composition and its influence on the manifestation of infant colic is considered. The presence of various probiotic cultures in the diet and their relationship to colic symptoms is also discussed. The importance of examination of the bacterial markers composition, metabolites of the intestinal microbiome, in particular, short-chain fatty acids (SCFA), has been shown.

Keywords: infantile colic, infant formula, nutrient components, intestinal microbiota, short-chain fatty acids

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DOI: 10.31989/ffhd.v10i9.737


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