Vol 9, No 3 (2019)

March 2019

Table of Contents

Research Articles

An open label trial of a standardized extract of cultured Lentinula edodes mycelia (ECLM) in children with refractory epilepsy [Abstract] [Full Article]
Natalia V. Mikhailichenko, Viacheslav Kulagin, Takuma Shio, Jun Takanari, James Cheng-Chung Wei 145-156
Effect of probiotics on stool characteristic of bottle fed infants [Abstract] [Full Article]
Yoo Mi Lee, Young Sun Cho, Su Jin Jeong 157-165
Anti-allergic effect of Lactobacillus helveticus SBT2171 on murine model of pollen allergy [Abstract] [Full Article]
Maya Yamashita, Kurumi Matsumoto, Nanae Matsumoto, Eiji Kobatake, Toshihide Kabuki 166-179
Continuous intravenous vitamin C in the cancer treatment: re-evaluation of a Phase I clinical study [Abstract] [Full Article]
Nina Mikirova, Joseph Casciari, Ronald Hunninghake 180-204