Vol 3, No 10 (2013)

October 2013

Table of Contents

Research Articles

A randomized, controlled trial to assess short-term black pepper consumption on 24-hour energy expenditure and substrate utilization [Abstract] [Full Article]
Annalouise O’Connor, Karen D. Corbin, David C. Nieman, Andrew G. Swick 377-388
Verification of anti-fatigue effect of anserine by angle fatigue indicator based on median frequency changes of electromyograms [Abstract] [Full Article]
Hirohisa Kishi, Daiki Kubomura, Toshifumi Sugiura 389-399
Modulation of Protein Quality Control Systems as Novel Mechanisms Underlying Functionality of Food Phytochemicals [Abstract] [Full Article]
Kohta Ohnishi, Kazuhiro Irie, Akira Murakami 400-415