Vol 10, No 6 (2020)

June 2020

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Inhibitory effect of black raspberry extract on AGE accumulation and degradation, and ROS production in HUVEC cells [Abstract] [Full Article] [Figure 1] [Figure 2 a, b] [Figure 2 c, d] [Figure 2 e, f] [Figure 3] [Figure 4] [Figure 5] [Figure 6] [Figure 7]
Katsuaki Dan, Atsushi Takada, Yasunori Kanaho, Yuko Kusumi, Harutaka Banno 242-253
Screening of the antimicrobial activity of some extracts of edible wild plants in Morocco [Abstract] [Full Article]
Abdelghani Aboukhalaf, Belkassem El Amraoui, Manal Tabatou, João Miguel Ferreira da Rocha, Rekia Belahsen 265-273

Review Articles

A review of Kurozu, amber rice vinegar made in pottery jars [Abstract] [Full Article] [Figure 3] [Figure 4]
Yoshihiko Shibayama, Hiroaki Kanouchi, Akira Fujii, Masanobu Nagano 254-264