Vol 2, No 11 (2012)

November 2012

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Maternal diet, LCPUFA status and prematurity in Indian mothers: A cross-sectional study [Abstract] [Full Article]
Prachi S. Ranade, Shobha S. Rao 414-427
Anxiolytic activity of aerial part hydroethanolic extract of Allium ascalonicum Linn. (Liliaceae) in mice [Abstract] [Full Article]
Abidemi J. Akindele, Hakeem A. Sanni, Pamela C. Edeh 448-459
Brassicaceae: nutrient analysis and investigation of tolerability in people with Crohn’s disease in a New Zealand study [Abstract] [Full Article]
Bobbi Campbell, Dug Han, Christopher M. Triggs, Alan G. Fraser, Lynnette R. Ferguson 460-486

Review Articles

Agaricus blazei Murill - immunomodulatory properties and health benefits [Abstract] [Full Article]
R. Biedron, J. M. Tangen, K. Maresz, G. Hetland 428-447
Flavocoxid (Limbrel ®) manages osteoarthritis through modification of multiple inflammatory pathways: a review [Abstract] [Full Article]
Bruce P. Burnett, Robert M. Levy 379-413