Vol 6, No 10 (2016)

October 2016

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Comparison of the Amino Acid and Peptide Composition and Postprandial Response of Beef, Chicken, and Whey Protein Nutritional Preparations [Abstract] [Full Article]
Christopher Detzel, Bryon W. Petschow, Nicole Johnson, Eric M. Weaver 612-626
Enhancement of water soluble wheat bran polyphenolic compounds using different steviol glucosides [Abstract] [Full Article]
Doman Kim, Jun-Seong Park, Hee-jung Lim, Thi Thanh Hanh Nguyen, Nahyun M. Kim, Ghahyun J. Kim, Kyeonghwan Hwang, Atsuo Kimura 650-660
Effect of some Tropical Eggplant Fruits (Solanum Spp) Supplemented Diet On Diabetic Neuropathy In Experimental male Wistar Rats In-vivo [Abstract] [Full Article]
Esther E. Nwanna, Emmanuel O. Ibukun, Ganiyu Oboh 661-676
Safety and Toxicological Evaluation of a Novel Citrus Sudachi Extract Powder [Abstract] [Full Article]
Debasis Bagchi, Yasuhiro Shikishima, Orie Yoshinari, Yoshiaki Shiojima, Hiroyoshi Moriyama, Manashi Bagchi, Narendra Deshmukh 677-690

Review Articles

Biomarkers in Mild Stages of Alzheimer’s disease: Utility in clinical practice and their relation with nutritional and lifestyle factors [Abstract] [Full Article]
Carol Dillon, Patricio Pérez Leguizamon, Silvina Heisecke, Diego M. Castro, Jorge Lopez Camelo, Leandro Lon, Cecilia M. Serrano, Veronica Guelar, Fernando E. Taragano 627-649