Functional and quality attributes of beef burgers fortified by brown linseed powder

Sara Basiri, Mohamamd Hashem Yousefi, Seyed Shahram Shekarforoush


Background: Beef burgers are a popular food all over the world. However, the high amounts of fat, low fiber, and frying process can cause concerns for consumers. In this study, the ability to replace some components of the burger formulation with brown linseed powder as a natural fiber has been investigated. 

Methods: The brown linseed at different concentrations (3, 4, and 5%) was added to the burger formulation, and its effect on the chemical, physical, nutritional, and sensory properties of raw and fried burgers were analyzed.

Results: Linseed powder increased the protein and fat content and decreased the moisture of the raw burgers and fat absorption after frying. It also increased the ω3, ω6, and ω9 level; increased the PUFA/SFA ratio; and reduced the ω6:ω3 fraction. Improving the cooking yield and water holding capacity were other benefits of this fortification. The linseed did not change the texture and sensory properties of burgers, but it improved the flavor and general acceptance.

Conclusions: Adding the linseed powder to the beef burger formulation is a good way for improving the yield and simultaneously improving the physicochemical property and nutritional value of the beef burger.


Keywords: Linseed powder, Beef burger, Fortification, Omega-3, Quality

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DOI: 10.31989/ffhd.v12i1.855


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