Effect of combining sleep-promoting food intake and electric field application on sleep in healthy participants: A pilot study

Takaki Nedachi, Kaoru Haketa, Shinji Harakawa, Naoki Miura, Koji Wakame


Background: Functional foods and electric fields (EFs) have been previously reported as interventions for insomnia other than medications. As for functional foods, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and lafma have been reported to be related to sleep. EFs have also been reported to have a sleep-related, anti-stress effect in mouse model experiments. However, the effects of combining these two methods on the human body remain poorly studied. 

Objective: Thus, this study aimed to investigate the cointervention effect of sleep-promoting functional food intake and EF application on sleep quality in healthy participants. 

Methods: Fifteen healthy participants were divided into three groups. The Food and Placebo groups were given active tablets containing food mixture of GABA and lafma, and placebo tablets, respectively, for 4 weeks. Meanwhile, the Food plus EF group used an EF therapy device during sleep in addition to the active food tablets. Sleep quality was evaluated using electroencephalography and sleep questionnaires.

Results: Sleep efficiency (SE) was significantly higher in the Food group and the Food plus EF group than the Placebo group at 4 weeks. The Food plus EF group also had a significantly higher SE involving sleep latency. 

Conclusions: Food mixture containing known sleep-promoting ingredients such as GABA and lafma can improve sleep quality, and the improvement effect can be enhanced when administered in combination with an EF.

Keywords: electric field therapy, Kumasasa (Sasa senanensis), electric fields, sleep quality, electroencephalography

Clinical trial registration: Approval No.: R1812; Approval date: 21 Feb. 2019

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DOI: 10.31989/ffhd.v11i12.861


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