Vol 1, No 11 (2011)

November 2011

Table of Contents

Research Articles

The protective effect of soybean phytochemicals on androgen responsive human prostate cancer cells LNCaP is likely mediated through modulation of hormone/cytokine-dependent pathways [Abstract] [Full Article]
Thomas Wang, Stephen M. Boue, Hari B. Krishnan 457-471
Effect of Poly Phenols in Enhancing the Swimming Capacity of Rats [Abstract] [Full Article]
Mahadevappa Siddalinga Swamy, Naveen Sivanna, Anand Tamatam, Farhath Khanum 482-491
Immunodetection and quantification of insulin-like antigens in sprouts: development of an efficient functional food [Abstract] [Full Article]
Manju Pathak, Danik M. Martirosyan 492-507

Review Articles

Living life the natural way – Wheatgrass and Health [Abstract] [Full Article]
Satyavati Rana, Jaspreet Kaur Kamboj, Vandana Gandhi 444-456
Functional foods in the treatment of type 2 diabetes: olive leaf extract, turmeric and fenugreek, a qualitative review [Abstract] [Full Article]
Mona Boaz, Eyal Leibovitz, Yosefa Bar Dayan, Julio Wainstein 472-481